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Terrific, you've survived Global Geography!

This next section of the course is a general introduction to Macro and Microeconomics. The study of Microeconomics gives students a thorough understanding of the principles of economics that apply to the functions of individual decision-makers--both consumers and producers--within the larger economic system. It places primary emphasis on the nature and functions of product markets, and includes the study of factor markets and of the role of government in promoting greater efficiency and equity in the economy. Macroeconomics applies the principles of economics to an economic system as a whole. It places primary emphasis on the study of national income and price determination, and also includes the study of economic performance measures, economic growth and international trade.



The textbook for this class, What is Economics, is divided into 12 units. We will cover approximately one unit a week. At the beginning of every week you will be given a packet of 100 to 150 questions. Many of these questions can be answered from the unit we are covering in the book, but the packets will also contain questions whose answers can only be found in handouts, videos, lectures and additional reference material found in the classroom and Pine Crest Libraries. You will mark your answers on a scantron answer card which will be given to you along with your packet. Unless you are otherwise directed, the packet and the scantron answer card are to be turned in by the beginning of class on the following Friday. The scantron card will be returned to you the following Monday with your grade for the week.
You may NOT assist each other on this packet; you are to do your own work and you will be held responsible for the material in the unit. You may NOT copy other students' answer sheets. The PINE CREST HONOR CODE will be applied to this worksheet packet and anyone caught violating the Honor Code as it applies to this class will be brought before the Pine Crest Honor Court.

Each worksheet packet will count as one test.


GAZILLIONAIRE is a computer exercise which allows student "companies" to compete against each other as they buy and trade goods in a simulated intergalactic business environment. Each student company will be "graded" by the computer based on growth, profitability, market share, and efficiency. Handy hints can be found on the GAZILLIONAIRE web page.

This simulation will count as one test.


No. Unless otherwise instructed by the administration or your teacher, there will NOT be a final examination in this course.

As in the first trimester, this final examination will NOT be counted as two test grades.

1998/99 Economics Issues Schedule
Week Dates Unit Chapter
Week 1 (12/7-12/11) What is Economics? Eggert, Chapter 1 (pp. 1-13)
Week 2 (12/14-12/18) The United States Economy Eggert, Chapter 2 (pp. 15-27)
Week 3 (1/4-1/8) Supply and Demand Eggert, Chapter 3 (pp. 29-48)
Week 4 (1/11-1/15) Businesses and Households Eggert, Chapter 4 (pp. 50-67)
Week 5 (1/19-1/22) Poverty and the Government Eggert, Chapter 5 and 6 (pp. 68-95)
Week 6 (1/25-1/29) Gross Domestic Product Eggert, Chapter 7 (pp. 96-110)
Week 7 (2/1-2/5) Unemployment and Inflation Eggert, Chapter 8 (pp. 112-136)
Week 8 (2/8-2/12) Money Eggert, Chapter 9 (pp. 138-157)
Week 9 (2/16-2/19) GAZILLIONAIRE Instructor Handouts
Week 10 (2/22-2/26) The Benefits of Trade Eggert, Chapter 1O (pp. 159-177)
Week 11 (3/1-3/5) World Development Eggert, Chapter 12 (pp. 197-213)

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