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Terrific!! You made it through Geography and Economics!!

This next section of the course is a general introduction to comparative government and politics. This trimester, we will be studying the political systems of four major nations which exemplify the politics, policies, and problems of Capitalist, Socialist, Communist, and Fascist governments. Knowledge of foreign political systems allows us to compare the ways in which governments face similar problems, and the manner in which they respond to the needs and demands of their citizens. From the examination of these countries we should be better able to understand our own system, and become more aware of the interelationship between considerations of domestic politics and international attitudes. At the end of this trimester we will recreate a global community in the CIVILIZATION simulation, and debate current geographic, political, and economic issues as delegates to the Pine Crest Model United Nations.



The textbook for this class, Today’s Isms, consists of 4 chapters. Each chapter has been subdivided into 2 units: a general ideology and a specific country. We will cover approximately one unit every week. At the beginning of every week you will be given a packet of 100 to 150 questions. Many of these questions can be answered from the unit we are covering in the book, but the packets will also contain questions whose answers can only be found in handouts, videos, lectures and additional reference material found in the classroom and Pine Crest Libraries. You will mark your answers on a scantron answer card which will be given to you along with your packet. Unless you are otherwise directed, the packet and the scantron answer card are to be turned in by the beginning of class on the following Friday. The scantron card will be returned to you the following Monday with your grade for the week.
You may NOT assist each other on this packet; you are to do your own work and you will be held responsible for the material in the unit. You may NOT copy other students' answer sheets. The PINE CREST HONOR CODE will be applied to this worksheet packet and anyone caught violating the Honor Code as it applies to this class will be brought before the Pine Crest Honor Court.

Each worksheet packet will count as one test.


CIVILIZATION is a computer simulation that allows groups of students to explore, colonize, manage, defend, expand, and conquer as the leaders of a hardy band of settlers in a new geographic environment. Students will be evaluated on their competitive accumulation of points based on population, citizen contentment, government efficiency, technological advances, military power, and industrial production. Handy hints can be found on the CIVILIZATION web page.

This simulation will be counted as one test grade.


No. Unless otherwise instructed by the administration or your teacher, there will NOT be a final examination in this course.

As in the first two trimesters, this final examination will NOT be counted as two test grades.

1998/99 Comparative Government Schedule
Week Dates Unit Chapter
Week 1 (3/17-3/19) Government Instructor Handouts
Week 2 (3/22-3/26) Socialism Ebenstein, Chapter 1 (pp. 1-19)
Week 3 (4/6-4/9) The United Kingdom Ebenstein, Chapter 1 (pp. 20-38)
Week 4 (4/12-4/16) Capitalism Ebenstein, Chapter 2 (pp. 39-57)
Week 5 (4/19-4/23) The United States Ebenstein, Chapter 2 (pp. 57-78)
Week 6 (4/26-4/30) Fascism Ebenstein, Chap. 3 (79-96)
Week 7 (5/3-5/7) Spain, Iraq, or Nazi Germany Ebenstein, Chap. 3 (pp. 97-103 or Handouts)
Week 8 (5/10-5/14) Communism Ebenstein, Chapter 4 (pp. 110-126)
Week 9 (5/17-5/21) The USSR or the PRC Ebenstein, Chap. 4 (pp. 127-73 or 174-98)
Week 10 (5/24-5/28) CIVILIZATION Instructor Handouts
Week 11 (6/1-6/4) Modern Global Issues Instructor Handouts

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