Unit Outline
Process Functions

1)      Interest Aggregation

a)      Interest Groups

i)        Institutional Groups

(1)   Political Parties

(a)    Majoritarian/Plurality

(b)   Multiparty/Proportional

(c)    Authoritarian

(i)       Exclusive

1.      ideological focus

2.      socialization

(ii)    Inclusive

1.      cooption

2.      incorporation

(2)   Military

(3)   Bureaucracies

ii)       Patron-Client relationships

b)      Party System Aggregation

i)        Authoritarian

(1)   Factionalism within the party

ii)       Duvergerís Law

(1)   Consociationalism/Plurality

(a)    Party platform

(b)   Before and during electoral competition: Center-Seeking

(c)    Proportional

(i)      Multiparty

1.      post-election: Center-fleeing

2.      through coalition building

(ii)    Runoff elections

1.      between first and second ballot

c)      Party Governing Systems

i)        Consensual

ii)       conflictual

2)      Policy Making

a)      Decision Rules:  legitimate set of arrangements for formulating issues, deliberating and debating them, and deciding among different points of view

i)        Constitutions

(1)   written

(2)   unwritten/tradition

ii)       Geographic Distribution of Power

(1)   confederal

(2)   federal

(3)   unitary

iii)     Separation of Power

(1)   Presidential

(2)   Parliamentary

(3)   Hybrid Systems

iv)     Limits on Powers

(1)   Civil Rights

v)      Judicial Review

b)      Assemblies

i)        Structures

(1)   Bicameral

(2)   Unicameral

ii)       Functions

(1)   legislation

(2)   debate and deliberation

(3)   socialization process

(4)   recruitment

(5)   articulation

(6)   aggregation

c)      Role of Government Agencies: Bureaucracy

i)        facilitators/assist

ii)       obstruct/resist

3)      Conflict Adjudication

a)      aaa

i)        ccc

ii)       ccc