Economics and Government Home Classroom Rules Academic Honesty Policy




In this course, you will be expected to

You will be graded on the basis of your performance on tests, homework assignments, economic simulations, a research paper, and a final examination.  We will maintain a pace of roughly one chapter every week and a half in which you will be expected to complete the assigned problems and any other supplemental materials that are provided.  The quizzes will take place upon the completion of each chapter, and are designed to ensure that you have completed the assigned reading and understand the concepts.  It is imperative that you keep up with the readings.  There will be a test at the end of each chapter, and a Final Exam at the end of the semester.


You will be assigned homework on a weekly basis.

Homework assignments will consist of reading assignments for classroom discussion, writing assignments from worksheets and handouts, and Blackboard Discussion Board assignments on the end of chapter questions and other posted readings.

Homework assignments will be posted on the website, on Blackboard, and in the classroom as well.  If you are absent, please look on Blackboard.

Every film seen in class will have an accompanying Blackboard Discussion Board assignment.

All Discussion Board Assignments will require you to post relevant responses to questions posed on a blackboard discussion board within the established deadline.  These discussion boards are designed to provoke educational and informative discussion and debate for homework points while utilizing the blackboard system. Posts must be relevant, on-topic, not offensive, and in you own words. No post, offensive and inappropriate posts, off-topic posts, and late posts will receive a zero.

All work is due on the assigned date, and is to be uploaded to the appropriate Discussion Board on the Blackboard site.  If you cannot access Blackboard-and ONLY if you cannot access the Blackboard Discussion Board, the completed assignments may be emailed to me or printed out and handed to me directly. 

All assignments that are not posted on the appropriate Blackboard Discussion Board must be completed in MS Word when sent to me.

You have a full week to complete your assignments, absolutely no late work will accepted except in extreme circumstances!

Each week's homework will be counted out of a total of 2 points per Blackboard post and 10 point per worksheet assignment.


Approximately once a week the class will be given a quiz concerning points brought up in lectures, reading assignments, or current events. EVERY video shown will be the subject of a quiz as well as a Blackboard Discussion Board Assignment covering the basic themes and topics of the film. Quizzes will be anywhere from 6 to 12 possible points and will be in multiple choice or fill in the blank format. 

There are NO makeup quizzes for in-class quizzes ; a missed in-class quiz is NOT counted for the purposes of the semester average.

In-class quizzes will be scored out of 6 - 12 points.


At the end of every chapter, there will be a multiple choice test concerning points brought up in lectures, reading assignments, or current events. Each Chapter Test will consist of 30 - 35 multiple choice questions, 15-20 matching questions, and several short answer or identify problems.

Chapter Tests are to be made up within 2 days of the absence (1 day for the absence and 1 day for the return to school), lengthy absences excepted.

Test will generally be graded out of 25 possible points.


There will be in several debates, simulations, or competitions during this course. You will be graded on participation, effort, and success in each of these activities.

Every member of a simulation team MUST be prepared to make and justify decisions for the entire team; absences during simulations will count against your individual score.

Each simulation will be will be scored out of 20 possible points.


During the second semester you will be assigned to research and write a position paper on a controversial issue pertaining to either American Government or Economics. This paper will take a balanced approach to both sides of the issue and will contain a well supported opinion on the subject.

The requirements for the research paper are outlined here.

Your research paper will be graded on organization, content, creativity, and clarity.

The research paper will be a substantial portion of your second semester grade, and will scored out of 50 points.

Due Dates:

  • Topic with Thesis (10 points)                                                Monday, February 4, 2008
  • Outline and working Bibliography (10 points)                        Friday, February 15, 2008
  • Introduction (10 points)                                                        Thursday, February 28, 2008
  • Rough draft  (10 points)                                                        Monday, March 3, 2008
  • Finished project (25 points)                                                  Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Your Semester average will simply be the percentage derived from the points you have earned divided by the total points possible over the course of the mid-term and semester marking periods.

All of test and quiz scores will be reported to you, and therefore you are responsible for keeping track of your average in this course. You will be expected to have a complete written record of your grades based on returned tests and quizzes if you wish to discuss your average with me. It is inappropriate to use class time to discuss your average with me or your peers; please schedule an appointment with me or stop by during extra help to discuss your average with me in private.

Remember that you are not just responsible for keeping track of your grade in this course; you are responsible for your actual grade in this course.