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         Introduction to Economics

Students will:

      Obtain an understanding of fundamental economic principles and theories. 

      Apply their understanding of course material to their personal lives. 

      Enhance their decision-making abilities by analyzing and examining contemporary economic issues.

      Identify how social and natural factors influence the development of economic principles. 

      Understand how the U.S. economy is affected by market forces as well as government intervention. 

      Analyze and understand the factors that influence and guide America’s economic policies.

Foundations of American Government

 Students will:

   understand the purpose of government.

   know the political theories that formed the foundation for the U.S. government.

   be able to compare and contrast different forms of government.

   understand the roles and responsibilities of the different branches of government.

   understand the election process.

   detect bias in the media, political commentaries, and political campaigns. 

   trace the evolution of Americans’ civil rights and liberties


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