Honors Economics Home Academic Honesty Policy



Your responsibilities in this course will be as follows:

  • Be Prompt Attend class regularly, be on time, and be in your seat when the bell rings, notebook and warmup work ready to go.

  •  Be Prepared Keep up with assignments, bring your 3-ring binder and pencil/pen to class everyday, and expect to participate!

  • Be Productive: Use your time wisely, try not to procrastinate, and take an active role each and every class period

  • Be Polite Respect the rights and opinions of others in the class, keep an open mind, and follow class procedures and school rules.

It is recommended that you get a spiral bound notebook. Your notebook will be your primary source of information for this course!  If you are absent, you will be expected to consult another student, Crawfordsworld, or Blackboard to bring your notebook up to date.  You will be REQUIRED to log in to Blackboard to track your stock portfolio and a hard copy of your portfolio will be assessed every two weeks.


Students will be continuously assessed throughout each unit in a “risk free” environment where they will be encouraged to contribute to the design of the lessons and re-work the lesson until they achieve a satisfactory level of mastery. The “risk free” setting is designed to meet individual student needs.Grading of any essays and written assignments will be done via reference to established rubrics. Assessments will be administered on a regular basis and will measure your ability to recall and apply the information we have covered. 

1)    Checkpoints, formative and summative assessments will be used to measure student progress.

a.     Checkpoints will not be graded, and may or may not be posted.

b.     Formative assessments may or may not be graded and recorded; you will have the option to retake formative measurements.*

c.     Summative assessments will be graded and recorded; summative assessments do not qualify for re-assessment.

2)    Students are expected to complete all required work and will be given opportunities to do so. “NS” means the assignment was not submitted. “I” An incomplete will be posted on the report card until all work is completed.

3)    Grades will be based on a total point calculation system.

 The breakdown of your term and final grades is as follows: 

  • Formative assessments: 35%

  • Summative assessments: 65%

*Reassessment Policy: Assessments are used to monitor students’ progress and adjust instruction accordingly. Students should always give their best effort on their first attempt. Students that do not master the assessments are required to meet with the teacher for re-assessment opportunities.

You will be graded on the basis of your performance on quizzes, tests, homework assignments, simulations, and a mid-semester examination. A comprehensive final exam
 in economic concepts will be administered near the close of the semester to assess your mastery of the material in this course.

You must complete all assignments.  Any late assignment will be marked NS (Not Submitted) in the grade book.  You will have 24 hours to hand in a late assignment without penalty. After 24 hours, the maximum grade you can earn on an assessment is 50%. Formative assessments should be completed prior to the summative assessment.  Failure to hand in an assignment will result in the semester grade being changed to anI (Incomplete). Please note that the Incomplete will revert to an irretrievableF one week after the close of the semester.

You are respoonsible for any missed material.  Makeup tests need to be completed on the day you return to school unless otherwise arranged with me.

Your average is simply be the percentage derived from the points you have earned divided by the total points possible over the course of the mid-term and semester marking periods.

All of test and quiz scores will be reported to you, and therefore you are responsible for keeping track of your average in this course. You will be expected to have a complete written record of your grades based on returned tests and quizzes. It is inappropriate to use class time to discuss your average with me or your peers; please schedule an appointment with me or stop by during extra help to discuss your average with me in private.

Remember that you are not just responsible for keeping track of your grade in this course; you are responsible for your actual grade in this course.