Trimester Two:  Introspection and Identity

 Professor: Jaimie Crawford

11/21-29: Watch Shattered Glass. Complete Discussion Board after reading the accompanying articles.

12/2: AP Essay in class

11/30-12/10: Henry IV in class; reading and quizzes TBA.

12/9: Henry IV Quiz on Acts 1-2. Know the speaker, audience, relevance, and techniques used in each quote.

Holiday Vacation:

You need to read TWO BOOKS:  First, choose either The Collector, The Picture of Dorian Gray, or Emma over break.  Second, choose  a book of merit on your local issue OR a New York Times' bestseller from the Nonfiction List (or any other nonfiction book of merit).

Work on Sonnet Project: Choose one Shakespearean sonnet from your book (1-154, no two people can present the same one).  Analyze it (one page typed, follow model on BB Course Information).  Summarize one critique on the sonnet (Helen Vendler is one example--we have several copies of her book: The Art of the Shakespearean Sonnet in the PC library).  Memorize and perform at least 8 lines (without notecards) of your sonnet.  100 pts.

You will be writing an MLA style 3-5 page research paper on a LOCAL issue.  Include at least 2 personal interviews and 4 other valid sources.

1/11: Henry IV Quiz on Acts 3-5.

1/13: Test on Second Trimester Reading (FICTION)

1/25: Test on Second Trimester Reading (NON-FICTION)

1/17-27: Sonnet Projects reported in class

2/3: 15 pts: Bring in your local research topic and three related questions. Bring in your laptop.

2/6: Read up to Act 3 in Importance of Being Earnest.

2/7: Go over reading comp.

2/8: Reading comp.

2/10: Thesis, Outline, Work Cited due (at least five sources--remember to cite your primary and secondary sources in a work cited format. Use MLA style to create either a key word or sentence outline) (100 pts.)

2/24: Final Papers Due Check for Clarity, Thoroughness, Organization, and Profoundness.

1/30-2/20: Oscar Wilde's Importance of Being Earnest and Ideal Husband

2/27-28: Oscar Wilde's Importance of Being Earnest film in class

2/28: In class essay on Oscar Wilde's Importance of Being Earnest; Choose one essay from the blue link (essay questions are in blue and followed by outlines from previous years) to answer in class; you should type the essay on your laptop. You may look at past outlines of questions to assist you.  Essay Questions and Sample Outlines