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Frankenstein Pictures
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Summer Reading

Frankenstein and Grendel

(second trimester, week two)

Instructor: Jaimie Crawford

  • Time Allotment: One Week
  • Texts: Second Trimester reading books listed below; Norton's English Literature; H&B's Reading for Writers, Orgel's Vocab List
  • Unit Structure:
    Monday: Reading Comprehension on Frankenstein
    Tues/Weds: Discussion/ Comparison of Books; Vocab quiz
    Thurs: Study of language and style of the authors
    Friday: Comparison AP Essay on Frankenstein and Grendel
  • Writing Assignments: One Essay on Stephen King's Tales of Tarot and two summer reading novels
  • Vocab Requirement: Please look up and keep a note of all words in the book which you did not previously know.  See the list below for starters.

*Writing Prerequisites:

a. clear thesis (read “The Thesis” by Sheridan Baker RFW )
b. logical organization (read “How to Write Clearly” RFW ;

“WritingSuccessful Paragraphs“RFW )
c. correct grammar (see Strunk and White Online)
d. sound sentence structure (see Strunk and White Online)
e. interest (read “How to Write Narration” RFW
“How to Write a Description” RFW )

  • Essay Grading: The AP rubric will be used to grade your essay test.
  • Evaluation: 30%: AP Essays in Class; 30%: Writing Assignments; 20% Unit Test 10% Quizzes and Reading Comprehension; 10% Attitude and Participation


Vocab from Grendel and Frankenstein

1. fuliginous
2. hoary

3. gewgaw

4. dogmatic

5. hoarfroast

6. keen (verb)

7. apocalyptic

8. victualer

9. sine qua non

10. inexorable

11. concrescence

12. obsequious

13. chilblains

14. indolence
15. apothecary
16. exordium
17. tyros
18. aver
19. multifarious
20. repine

21. slough
22. caprices
23. panegyric
24. languor

25. pertinacity

26. mercenary

27. fetter

28. placid

29. fortnight
30. mien

What does Grendel look like?

There are very few descriptions
(from the original Beowulf or Gardner's
text of Grendel, but here are two:

"A powerful monster, living down
In the darkness, growled in pain, impatient
...He was spawned in that slime,
Conceived by a pair of those monsters born
Of Cain, murderous creatures banished
By God..." (Raffel translation, p. 26)

"...a hellish demon.
That ghastly grim one, Grendel, they called him,
was that fiend of fens who defended the waste,
marsh and moorland. Where the monsters dwell
that gloom-weary ghoul guarded a season
after the Creator had outlawed the cursed one
among the kin of Cain....

Thence uncouth creatures crept forth, both giants,
elves and ettins," (Lehmann translation, p. 24)

Some Film Adaptations of Frankenstein (Pre Branaugh)

You can draw your own for Grendel!

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Gene Wilder as Dr. Frankenstein: Scholar and Mad Scientist!

Peter Boyle as the Monster