Trimester One: Narrative Journalism

 Professor: Jaimie Crawford

Welcome to Eng. III AP!  I am glad to see you in my class.  You are here for a reason:  the combination of your past teachers' recommendations, your grades and test scores, and --most important--your own motivation and desires have warranted you a “golden ticket” of sorts, a chance to be both challenged and rewarded.  In this class you will be asked to read and write and think.  I don't  believe in busy work, but I do believe in using your mind on all possible occasions.  I rarely get mad, but I should warn you that I have little tolerance for two things in particular:  laziness and intolerance.  I am open to questions, suggestions, and even ideas that challenge my own.  I am available on Wednesday morning or afternoon or by appointment at a time more convenient to you.  I look forward to being part of your life this year.

Syllabus KEY:  Here is your syllabus for the first trimester (and a glimpse at the first half of the year).  This schedule is subject to change (as Robert Burns says, “The best laid plans of mice and men oft gang a'glay...), but we will do our best to follow it.  You are required to have finished the reading or assignment ON THE DAY posted on the syllabus.  I do not usually give pop quizzes (this is a college class, after all), but I have been known to do so on occasion if I feel that you are not reading.  The best way for you to avoid these quizzes is to show me that you are up to date in class by participating  and adding thoughtful responses about assigned reading. Please bring your laptops daily.

VOCAB BEE:  In roughly eight weeks on 10/10 you will have a test on 500 words from your SAT Vocab book.  I encourage you to study about 20 words per night.  You  will be responsible for all of them on 10/10. (This is for your own benefit on the PSAT).  There will be a test on these words and an extra credit Vocab Bee.

8/29:  HW: go through 500 word list and cross out words you already know. For ambitious/plan-ahead students:  make note cards for those words you don't know.  Come to class with a number total of words you don't know. Literary Terms, Composition, and Plagiarism

8/30: Summer Reading (New New Journalism) Discussion: You will each be asked to "report" on one of the journalists you've read about in Robert Boynton's book on New New Journalism. While it is important that you read through the entire book, you will be focusing on one journalist for your class presentation and your research paper third trimester (in which you will be asked to read a book by your chosen journalist).  Your class presentations will be given on 9/6-14 and count as one test grade.  You should plan to present for about 20 minutes and include the following in your presentation:: a creative summary of the chapter on your journalist in Boynton's book, a biography with special attention to his or her entry in the field of journalism, a list of likes and dislikes of your journalist, at least three journalistic techniques you picked up from the writer, a summary of the book you plan to read by this journalist, and a proposal of your own "immersion" journalism assignment to be written in the style of this author.  You should try to think of a creative way to present this material: for example, you can present a resume for your journalist, give a speech as this person, or even write to your journalist in attempt to get a response. All journalists must be covered: students may sign up for a journalist on a first-come, first-serve basis.  There will be a test on the book (and presentations) at the end of this unit.

8/31: Eloquent Essay: Essay Test on Summer Reading

9/1: Review Grammar Shadow Test (grammar); laptops necessary: Grammar Diagnostic Test Review (simulation of SAT II Writing)  

9/2: Grammar Diagnostic Test (online)

9/5: Labor Day Holiday

9/6: Reading Comp.

9/8-19: Class presentations on new new journalists. Send me outlines of your presentation before or on the date you present to post on blackboard for the class in preparation for the test. BE SURE TO EMAIL ME: 4 important traits/characteristics of author and his/her book and pub. date and description.

9/15: Immersion project written proposals due (one paragraph)

9/20: Bring laptops for AP Reading Comprehension.

9/21-22: Art of Fact Essays TBA

9/23:  New New Journalism TEST (multiple choice)

9/26-27: Super Size Me and related articles.  Answer Discussion Board Questions on film by 9/30.

9/28: Literary Terms--bring to class terms you don't know from website -(review) / Bring a poster of your assigned term.

9/30: Bring laptops for Literary Terms Test (review Know these terms: Oxymoron, Generalization, Freight Train, Paradox, Onomatopoeia, Post Hoc Argument, Inversion, Ad Hominem, Metonymy/Synecdoche, Hyperbole, Periodic Sentence, Aphorism, Personification, Colloquialism, Ellipses, Allusion, Polysyndeton, Syllogism/Induction/Deduction, Anaphora, Satire

10/3: Immersion Paper due (100 pts). Do include appropriate statistics, dialogue, details. Remember to be CLEAR, ORGANIZED, THOROUGH, and PROFOUND.  Use the Art of Facts essays as models.

10/3:  Bring laptop for Reading Comp.

10/3-7: Art of Fact/ PSAT review

10/10: Vocab Test (500 words from book)

10/11: Vocab Bee (635 words from book)

10/12: PSAT

10/13: School Holiday

10/14: Review Sample AP Essays

10/17: First AP ESSAY- in class (review sample essays)

10/18: AP Reading comp. in class

10/24: AP Rewrites in class

10/18-11/8:  Macbeth  

10/31: Candy quiz

11/2: Reading Comp. in class

11/7: Second AP ESSAY- in class  review sample essays

11/11:  Multiple Choice Test /Essay on Macbeth

11/14: Rewrite in class

11/15-17: :In class group projects on Macbeth

11/18-22: Trimester Exams

11/19-21: FIRST TRIMESTER EXAM will be 100 minute AP simulation (1 essay, 60 MC)

11/23-27: Thanksgiving Vacation

.... A peak at second trimester: : Begin Henry IV

11/28-12/16: Henry IV

You will have two tests on Henry that will each have ten quotes you need to identify.  The test dates will be:

            12/5: AP Essay in class

            12/13:  Test on Acts 1-2

            12/20:  Test on Acts 3-5