English III

First Trimester

Professor:  Jaimie Crawford


TRIMESTER ONE “The Tragic Hero” and “The Seven Deadly Sins”

Welcome to Eng.III: I am glad to see you in my class.  I hope you look forward to being both challenged and rewarded.  In this class you will be asked to read and write and, most importantly, THINK. I don’t believe in busy work, but I do believe in using your mind on all possible occasions.  I rarely get mad, but I should warn you that I have little tolerance for two things in particular: laziness and intolerance. I am open to questions, suggestions, and even ideas that challenge my own. I am available on Wednesday morning and afternoon or by appointment at a time more convenient to you. I look forward to being part of your life this year.

Syllabus KEY: Here is your syllabus for the first trimester (and a glimpse at the first half of the year). This schedule is subject to change (as Robert Burns says, “The best laid plans of mice and men oft gang a’glay...), but we will do our best to follow it. You are required to have finished the reading or assignment ON THE DAY posted on the syllabus. I do not usually give pop quizzes (this is a college class, after all), but I have been known to do so on occasion if I feel that you are not reading. The best way for you to avoid these quizzes is to show me that you are up to date in class by participating and adding thoughtful responses about assigned reading.


8/29: Welcome back; introductions

8/30: Shadow Test (grammar)
8/31: Grammar Diagnostic Test--online (be sure to have your laptop)(simulation of SAT II Writing))        HW: pp2-17 in lit. book
9/1: Begin Beowulf in class HW: pp18-38
9/2: Finish all of Beowulf                                                                                                                             

9/5: Labor Day School Holiday
9/6: PSAT prep                                                                                                                                                9/7: Break into Grendel groups and give out Chapter Discussion Questions (to be presented 9/19-22)
9/9: 25 minute SAT essay in class--bring a pen and paper; Discuss  library report/Web Site Project (for the book you read that is NOT Grendel, this project will be due on 9/27)

See Sample Websites on THE COLLECTOR or GRENDEL

9/12: PSAT/SAT prep
9/13: PSAT prep and Vocab Unit One
9/14: Grendel  Discussion Groups
9/15: Review Vocab
9/16: Vocab Quiz on Unit One

9/19-22: Grendel Chapter Presentations--provide information on the characters, theme, style, tone; answer discussion questions for the chapter; include at least one piece of criticism.
9/23: Grendel test

9/26-29: "The 13th Warrior" See site for more information on film: PROJECT BEOWULF

9/30: Vocab Quiz on Units 1-2; Discussion Questions due

10/3: Library Report/Web Site Projects due; present them in class
10/4-6: Begin Canterbury Tales
10/7: Assignment #2 due  Vocab Quiz on 1-3; PSAT/SAT prep.

10/10: Review for PSATs
10/11: due
10/12:  PSATs
10/13: No School
10/14: Vocab 1-4; Canterbury Tales Poster due (8 1/2 by 11, picture and description)
10/17: Pardoner's Tale/ Wife of Bath's Tale
10/ 18-20: Morte D'Artur; review for test

10/24-11/6: Hurricane Wilma

11/9:  Multiple Choice Test on Beowulf/Canterbury Tales/Morte D’Artur

11/11: Vocab Quiz on 1-5
11/14-23: Rennaissance Poetry

11/18: Vocab Quiz on 1-6

11/21-23: Work on POETRY PROJECT: Each of you will have to give a 5-10 minute presentation on your individual poem AND turn in a 1 page written explication (follow the model in your poem project package).  You will 1) read the explication to the class and turn it in Nov. 28 for 100 pts.  2) play a song with the same theme as your poem  and 3) relate the ideas of at least one criticism on your poem (look at Panther Web Databases-Student Resource Gold). 



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English III