English III Honors

REQUIRED TEXTS:  Holt, Rhinehart, and Winston Elements of  Literature (Sixth Course) , Sadler-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop, Fowler’s Little Brown Handbook, (retain from 10th grade)


TRIMESTER ONE  “The Tragic Hero”  and “The Seven Deadly Sins”

                                    (Eg: Macbeth, Grendel, Arthur)



Macbeth; Grendel; Frankenstein; Dracula; Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; excerpts from Beowulf, King Arthur Legends,Canturbury Tales,       


Writing Expectations:        

One Library Report  (choose one summer reading book)

Two Literary Analysis Papers

One Compare/Contrast Essay

Focus On: Thesis&Support (Solid Evidence/ Textual Details)



Sentence Structure, Phrases, Clauses, Parts of Speech

Focus On: Sentence Variety; Verbs and Pronouns;Transitions           


TRIMESTER TWO “Love vs. Mortality;”  “Nature vs. Materialism”

                                    Poetry by Period: Renaissance through Victorian Ages



Novels:  Fowles’ Collector; Wells’ Time Machine and Island of Dr. Moreau;

Austen’s Emma;  Wilde’s Picture of Dorian Gray (choose two), Renaissance Poetry: Spencer, Wyatt, Shakespeare, Sidney, Marlowe, Raleigh, 17thCentury Poetry: Donne, Jonson, Milton, Herrick, Herbert, Lovelace, Marvell

18thCentury/Pre Rom.:      Dryden, Pope, Gray, Burns, Blake

Romantic Poetry: Wordsworth, Coleridge, Shelley, Byron, Keats

Victorian Poetry: Tennyson, Browning, Arnold, Rosetti, Hopkins, Hardy


Writing Expectations:         

One Library Report  (choose one poem

Two Literary Analysis Papers

One Research Paper (8-10 pgs)



Usage; Mechanics; Parallelism; Sentence Errors

Focus On: Run-ons; Comma Splices; Verbs and Pronouns


TRIMESTER THREE “Satire and Identity” in Nonfiction, Fiction & Drama & 20th Century Poetry



Satire: 1984, Brave New World, Gulliver’s Travels, Pope’s “Rape of the Lock,”                                          

Swift’s “Modest Proposal” and others

Identity: essays by Woolf; short stories by Joyce, Lawrence, Mansfield; poetry by Auden,Yeats, Lawrence,

Thomas, Eliot


Writing Expectations:         

One Library Report  (choose one author & work)

Two Personal Essays

One Creative Project (play, short story, essay)



SAT II Writing Review


GRADING:               Quizzes=20%, Tests=30%, Writing=30%, Exam=20%


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English III Honors