English III Honors

First Trimester

Professor:  Jaimie Crawford


Extra Help:  Wednesday and Thursday morning in English Office in LH OR by appointment.


8/27: Welcome back; introductions

8/28: Discuss syllabus/ Begin Shadow Test

8/29: Shadow Test (grammar)

8/30: Grammar Diagnostic Test (simulation of SAT II Writing) HW: pp2-17


9/2: Labor Day School Holiday

9/3: Begin Beowulf in class HW: pp18-38

9/4: Beowulf in class; discussion of the tragic hero HW: pp39-49

9/5: Assignment #1 due (see Out-of-Class Assignments); Beowulf in class HW: p.41-64

9/6: PSAT/SAT prep


9/9:  Picture Day

9/10: Discuss Library Report/Web Site Project  (Choose one summer reading book on which to complete a library report or website;  you will be tested on the second book);  

STUDENT WEBSITES  Greg/Chris     Josh/Christine

9/11: Beowulf in class

9/12: Beowulf in class

9/13: Vocab Quiz Unit 1; PSAT/SAT prep


9/16: Yom Kippur School Holiday  

9/17: Discuss website assignment/PSAT answers and discussion

9/18: College Counseling Day; Parentsí BTS Night

9/19:  Seafarer in class

9/20: Vocab Quiz Unit 2; PSAT/SAT prep  HW: Complete Canterbury Prologue pp.100-125


9/23: Assignment #2 dueCanterbury Tales/ Pardonerís Tale HW: finish tale and read Wife of Bathís Tale

9/24: Canterbury Tales in class

9/25: Canterbury Tales in class

9/26: Group work day for websites and library reports

9/27: Vocab Quiz; PSAT/SAT prep


9/30: Assignment #3 due; Go over PSAT

10/1-2: Morte D'Artur in class

10/3: Multiple Choice Test on Beowulf/Canterbury Tales/Morte D'Artur

10/4: Vocab Quiz; PSAT/SAT prep


10/7: Go over PSAT

10/8: BRING LAPTOPS TO CLASS--In class practice essay

10/9: Library Report/Website Presentation (Hand in website address OR written library report).

10/10:  Essay test on summer reading

10/11: Teacher Inservice



10/15: PSAT

10/16-25: Begin Renaissance Poetry (Bring text every day)

10/24: College Fair

10/31: Halloween Vocab Quiz


11/:4  Poetry/song Projects

11/7: Renaisance Poetry Test

11/8: Vocab Quiz


11/11: Check Vocab Journals in class-50 points

11/11-15: Begin Macbeth;  HW Macbeth reading to be assigned

11/15: Vocab Quiz


11/18: Exam Review. EXAM will cover:                       1. All vocab (Units 1-8)

                                                                                                                2. Sentence Structure

                                                                                                                3. All literature covered

                                                                                                                4. Reading Comprehension



Mrs. Crawford's

English III Honors