English II Honors
A Survey of American Fiction and Nonfiction

Trimester Two: Great Fiction: Defining the American Spirit

*This trimester you will have 2 points deducted for each grammar/writing error you make. We have gone over these errors, and I expect you to know how to avoid them:

Ambiguous Pronouns, Parallel Structure, Agreement, Tense, Being Concise by combining sentences and avoiding Repetition, "I" and "you" when they aren't necessary, Past tense when writing about literature

12/2: Reading due ATL Emersonís Self Reliance

12/3: Read Bryant's Thanatopsis

12/ 4: Reading due ATL Thoreauís On Walden Pond

12/5: Vocab test on words "incorrigible" to "malicious"

12/9: Hand in your assigned dates/books/summaries for Pulitzer Prize winners.

12/9: Choose group/decade/book to focus on for research paper. Only 2-3 students may choose a decade; first come, first serve. You should agree to all read one book (or play) from the decade, so that you will have a book in common to discuss and present. You will have to work together on a BIG BOARD presentation to present thesis and multigenre pieces on book.

12/10-12: Poe poetry in class--turn in your modern adaptation of "The Raven" by 12/15.

12/12: Vocab "incorrigible" through "pessimism"



1/7: BringLaptops: Pultitzer Prize Webquest

1/8: Bring to class copies of three critical articles on the book you chose to write on for a research paper. NO reviews or student essays please. All articles must have authors.

1/9: Work in groups to share articles and discuss information.

1/11: SWW pp. 97-105 Know words on p. 105

1/14-25: BIG BOARD PRESENTATIONS- 1/14-20s; 1/15-30s; 1/16-40s;

1/17-50s; 1/18- Vocab Bee; 1/22-60s; 1/23-70s; 1/24-80s; 1/25-90s

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