English II Honors
A Survey of American Fiction and Nonfiction

Trimester One: The Hero &Anti-hero: Honor and Social Responsibility

Syllabus KEY: Here is your syllabus for the first trimester (and a glimpse at the first half of the year). This schedule is subject to change, but we will do our best to follow it. You are required to have finished the reading or assignment ON THE DAY posted on the syllabus. I will give pop quizzes if I think that you are not reading. The best way for you to avoid these quizzes is to show me that you are up to date in class by participating and adding thoughtful responses about assigned reading .

During the first week of class, you should be thinking about which book you are going to present (with a group of up to 4 other students). You will present and discuss a webite based on this one. You will have to write an essay in class on the book you are NOT presenting.

You may sign up to present Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn or Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird

8/27: Discuss syllabus and summer reading presentations; Bring Laptops,

8/28: PSAT practice

8/29: Review PSAT

9/2: Shadow Test (grammar)

9/2-4: Group Work on Summer Reading

9/5: Vocab Quiz--Words Abridge through Astute; PSAT practice

9/8-10: Group Presentations on Summer Reading

9/11: Essay Test on Summer Reading

9/16-18: Group Presentations of Summer Reading

9/19: Vocab Quiz on next 20 words

9/23: Review PSAT writing

9/24-10/: Scarlet Letter; We will be reading about 10 chapters a week.

10/10: Scarlet Letter Quiz Chapter 6-15 /Vocab (80 words) test

10/14: Multiple Choice Scarlet Letter Test

10/20: Due: Assignment (see choices in "Out-of-Class Writing" handout)

10/15-23: ATL

10/24-25: Reading due: ATL 202-211, 214-222, 821-839

10/29: Due: Assignment (see choices in "Out-of-Class Writing" handout)

10/30: Begin Crucible in class

10/31-11/7: Crucible in class

11/10: Vocab Bee--Study words assigned in class

11/12-14: Exam Review

TBA: Trimester Exam

Covering: Vocab, Literature, Writing, Grammar

Have a festive Thanksgiving!


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